Roller Blinds Clitheroe

If you’re looking for roller blinds in Clitheroe, then you need to look no further than Maison Interiors. Developed in-house and sourced locally and afar from our network of partnered suppliers, we have an extensive range of window treatments, including roller blinds. With styles to suit every kind of taste and flexible options to fit all sizes of windows, regardless of which room they are in, let us help you find the roller blinds you have been looking for.

About roller blinds
This timeless style of blinds comes as a single piece of fabric that wraps around the casing at the top. The fabric can be rolled up or down as much as you like, allowing you much greater control over how much light, exactly, gets into the home. This way, they offer that light exposure to help brighten up your room, whenever you want, but also allow you to achieve more privacy when they’re rolled down. A simple, easy-to-operate chain at the side allows you find and adjust your perfect level of cover.

Our range of roller blinds
Roller blinds are great not just for the kitchen or living room, but also the bedroom with the thanks of blackout roller blinds. They allow you to maximise the light and feeling of space in the home while the sun is out but also help achieve complete cover when you’re trying to close that light out. One of the reasons roller blinds are so popular is due to the sheer range of fabrics and designs that we create both in-store and source from our partners, allowing for neutral, calming colours as well as more vibrant, lively scenes. As they are made of fabric, they’re also much easier to make to measure, fit, and install. Cost-effective and reliable, they should allow you the control over your natural lighting and privacy for years to come once you’ve installed them.

Why choose Maison Interiors
Maison Interiors has been providing high-quality roller blinds to Clitheroe customers since opening, but we offer much more than that alone. From furniture to soft furnishings, blinds to shutters, and clocks to lighting and mirrors, we can help you complete your interior design ideas and bring your style to life. We offer some consultation services as well as supplying a wide range of goods both designed in-house and sourced from our partners, so if you want some advice of which pieces might best suit your style, you’re more than welcome to ask. If you want a preview of a few of our options, take a closer look at our online gallery or come visit our store in person, where we have a showroom that displays an even wider selection for your perusal.

Learn more about the roller blinds in Clitheroe that we have on offer by calling Maison Interiors at 01200427007. If you know what you want or want to see our selection for yourself, check out the opening hours on our site and visit us at York Street.