Lighting and Mirrors Clitheroe

Add some impact, light, and bring your room to life with Maison Interior’s extensive range of lighting fixtures and mirrors. With options to suit every room of the home, from sharp contemporary styles to elegant, vintage designs, Maison Interiors is your source of lighting and mirrors in Clitheroe. Whether it’s amongst the items manufactured in-house or acquired from one of our top-quality partners, you can always find the perfect fixtures to complement your design and complete your home.

Light up your home
We have a range of lighting fixtures and accessories, from free-standing lamps to chandeliers, wall lamps, pendant lamps, and much that can give your home not just the light and visibility it needs, but the depth and warmth, as well. We offer ambient lighting fixtures that serve as a perfect centerpiece of the room, just above the middle, that can help reinforce the décor style of the room, whether it’s contemporary, vintage, or something else entirely. We also offer task lighting lamps, to make important areas of the home like office desks and bedside tables all the more practical and useful, as well as accent lighting that can help you balance out the light in the room and maintain the perfect mood.

The difference a mirror makes
With mirrors of all shapes and sizes, suitable for the living room, bathroom, and wherever else you might want one, you can make a huge difference to the look of the home. Mirrors establish the look of a room, serving not just as a practical addition, but an eye-catching focal point that can help keep your walls from looking bare. What’s more, they help reflect not just the style of the room but the lighting in the room as well. They can add a sense of spaciousness to any room, as well as improving its use of natural light by letting the sun travel more freely throughout the space.

The Maison Interiors difference
Whether you’re looking for lighting and mirrors in Clitheroe, or you simply want to update the style of your interiors, Maison Interiors is here to help. We have an extensive range of furniture, curtains, blinds, shutters, soft furnishings, clocks, throws and much more, as well as being able to offer some consultation so you get the best use out of whatever you happen to take home with you. We manufacture a wide range of our items in-store, as well as partnering with a selection of high-quality suppliers from the local area and beyond. You can find a gallery showing just a few of our selections on the site, or visit our showroom, where we have a much more extensive collection where you can preview your choices.

If you want to learn more about our stock or see them for yourself, don’t hesitate to call Maison Interiors at 01200427007 or visit our store on York Street. We have a huge range of lighting and mirrors for Clitheroe customers and are more than happy to help you find exactly the one that suits your home.